Sakurai Doesn’t Care that You Don’t Like the Smash Clones

In the latest Famitsu column Sakurai explains why they decided to create the clones of Lucina, Dark Pit, and Doctor Mario citing the need to do so without adding man hours to the project. Everything needed to be done in stride with the rest of production.

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“This is like a free dessert after a luxurious meal that was prepared free of charge. In a restaurant with this type of service, I don’t think there’s anybody who would say, ‘Change this to a meat dish!!’”

“Yet, I’m told [to do that] about Smash Bros. But, I guess since a lot of them are children, it cannot be helped.”

Sounds like Sakurai’s been hanging around Hideki Kamiya. Godspeed, you wonderful bastard.



An interesting problem to face as a writer, if you create a character with the explicit purpose of making them represent a vile, unlikeable person with horrible opinions, what responsibility do you have if that character becomes a runaway favourite with exactly the type of person you’re attempting to lampoon? Suddenly your audience is full of these terrible people with terrible opinions, idolizing your terrible character, treating them like a role model, parroting their ignorant speech in everyday conversation, emulating their actions, perpetuating their harmful behaviour in real life, and generally replacing the audience you intended to cultivate with the audience you intended to lampoon. How do you take the reigns back? What responsibility do you have to amend your approach and show that this character is not to be idolized. It’s easy enough to say “the opinions of the writer are not the opinions of the character” and dust off your hands, but what responsibility does the writer have to dissuade fans who DO support the opinions of the character and champion them as validation for their own behaviour?

It’s easy enough to call this a trap of lazy writers, but even highly critically acclaimed work falls victim to it. In an interview I’m having trouble tracking down again, Alan Moore has described running into this sort of problem with Rorschach in Watchmen being celebrated for all the qualities he was attempting to use him to criticize. The folks behind Breaking Bad essentially had to flat out tell audiences “No. Walt is a bad guy” in venues outside of the show to try to stem the tide of people idolizing him. The rebellious, fuck-the-rules renegade going his own way is very appealing to people who feel as though their behaviour has been muzzled by virtue of having to share society with other people who aren’t exactly like them and let them do whatever they want, so naturally they take these characters as heroes and put them on a pedestal.

The cultivation of the fanbase you want to have is something I think about a lot, because if you don’t actively consider this sort of thing you can end up amassing an audience responsible for some pretty reprehensible behaviour and being saddled with their reputation when you face the general public. At the same time there’s such a fine line to walk between making intentionally unlikeable characters CLEARLY a criticism of the sort of behaviour you’re trying to portray in a negative light and making them one dimensional strawmen. I dunno, it’s tough, it’s a line between creativity, storytelling, and social responsibility.

This is something I think about a lot as I work on my own stories one of which includes just such an asshole of a character. I think a common way these stories fail to condemn the character the author wished to condemn is that ultimately, they are centering the asshole’s point of view.

A character driven story is driven by someone’s goals and what obstacles stand in their way. We as the audience wanting to be entertained and see the story unfold, thus begin to take on the goals and desire to see them met, because that is what leads to the plot moving forward.

If an asshole is the center of the story, if their goals further the plot, than their victims are going to be seen by the audience as things they have to do whatever they do to get what they want in order for the plot to move forward. The victims are goombas and the hero is mario and we as spectators expect them to be squashed because that’s what get’s us closer to the castle.

If the author wants us to not cheer for the asshole, the asshole’s goals have to be CONTRARY to the plot moving forward, their goals can not be the only ones, their victims can not be tools for the asshole to use. I think the best option to achieve that would be to center the story on the victim, make their goals and history central to the plot, and limit the asshole’s screen time.

Another way the narrative fails to condemn assholes is by buying their shit. It’s a common idea that assholes are the way they are because of their horrible tragic past and difficult circumstances and bla bla bla hard luck story it’s all so sad. But good people have hard luck stories too, so that’s not what made them that way. What made them that way was entitlement. They don’t want people to realize that because it makes them seem like spoiled brats rather than rugged individualists - but that’s all the more reason to deny them their woe is me story as much as possible. Because the abusers in the audience also tell these lies about themselves in order to convince people that being terrible is just a natural consequence of having survived hardship like a badass. Do not buy your own character’s bullshit. Even if you don’t, don’t let the narrative buy their bullshit by centering their bullshit in the story and making it seem legit. It ain’t legit.



Just a short reminder that The Escapist is actively helping people harass and attack game designers who write games with greater diversity and women in general.

The Escapist: We Hate Women.





DC is being all gritty and “realistic” and Marvel just had a movie where the galaxy is saved by a dance-off and the power of friendship

And neither one of them can imagine a world either gritty and realistic enough or fun and fantastic enough in which a woman or a person of color is the hero.



pbbbb i think many people have a gravely warped concept of what u have to accept from friends + i think lots of young people have consumed a lot of toxic ideas about friendship in general. i have been in many abusive manipulative unhealthy friendships + im not really sure why this isn’t addressed enough but its probably a bad sign if ur friend:

  • does things to intentionally hurt or humiliate you
  • does things they know will hurt or humiliate you whether it was their intention or not
  • refuses to apologize when theyve upset you
  • wont let you hang out with other friends/ is possessive + jealous
  • guilts you for needing alone time 
  • treats you differently when around other people
  • makes you the laughing stock/ butt of a joke in public and gets defensive/denies it/refuses to apologize when you say something
  • uses abusive/disrespectful/hatefully charged words to describe you (ie: “affectionate” racial or gendered slurs)
  • does not respect your parents, family, home, etc
  • does not respect your boundaries in general
  • puts you in situations you are uncomfortable with (ie forces you to go to a party you feel unsafe at)
  • will always deflect from any acknowledgement of this behavior by turning the blame on you. making you feel as if it’s your fault in the first place
  • does grand gestures for the purpose of creating a feeling of indebtedness rather than for the sake of kindness

basically all the same signs of an abusive romantic partner: it’s a matter of  creating a power imbalance meant to make you feel as if without this person you will be alone. this is not the case and that is certainly not the behavior of a friend. fuck the entire idealogy of “if i don’t insult you we probably aren’t friends” and fuck the concept that u have to accept anything but respect and kindness from the people you choose to have closest to you


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Go! Deep Purple!! Waruwaruwaruwaruwaruwaruwaru!!

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The human brain is amazingly complex, how dare you be offended that not every one works the same way as yours.


Richard Dawkins, you are the Inventor of Memes.

When are you going to take responsibility for your child?




…that’s surprisingly pleasing…

Kind of mystified right now…

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